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“I love my Fresh Rest sheets! They are very soft and never make me feel overheated throughout the night like other sheets. The antimicrobial and anti-odor properties keep them feeling clean for so much longer and save me from having to wash them as often.”

Emily, Dover, NH

"These beautifully tailored sheets feel even better than they look. I slept in super-silky comfort, all night long!"

Bryan, Cape Elizabeth, ME

"Chem-free construction and antimicrobial performance were the features that caught my eye. How wonderful to find that these sheets look and feel as great as they work!" 

Kanya Z., Saco, Maine

"I love my Fresh Rest sheets and pillowcases!  I have them because I loved the idea of needing to wash my bedding less often.  An added bonus: I  love the way they feel –  soooo soft. And they have indeed stayed fresh!!  What a great product."   

Nancy M., Sanford, Maine

"I love my Fresh Rest Sheets, I am no longer sleeping on sheets with chemicals, or metals, and added bonus, they are super soft."

Wendy J., Stratham, New Hampshire

"I appreciate the interesting technology in these sheets especially the eco-friendly moisture management and bacteria fighting features. Better on the environment with less washing required."

Bill C., Abilene, Texas

I slept on my Fresh Rest sheets for two weeks after getting them. What an experience! They are ultra-comfortable, soft, and stay dry through the night so I can get a good night's rest. I also like the fact that they're chemical-free and metal-free. It's nice to see a company using advanced technology in this way.

Dr. Vic (Cardiologist) San Jose Ca.

“I love these sheets. I ordered a King set in Cannoli. Beautiful quality. I am and have always been a sheet snob and have bought dozens of high quality sheets over the years but these are exceptional. With all the marketing hype today on Giza sheets, etc., these are the only sheets I will ever buy again. I highly recommend.” 

Stacey B., Sanbornville, NH

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