The key to a good night’s sleep? All-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets

What is the key to a good night’s sleep? One could argue many things, such as… …less coffee

…the ideal mattress

…work stress

…less screen time

We’ll offer a solution equally as important as the above: All-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets.

4 benefits of all-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets

Fresh Rest all-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets resist 99 percent of dust mites as well as itchy dander from both humans and animals – an absolute must-have quality for those who suffer from related allergies. Other benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly: Less washing means less water and chemicals.
  • No transfer, or ‘leaching,’ of chemicals
  • Moisture wicking: No more night sweats
  • Silky soft feel, lending to a good night’s sleep

Experts: Sleep is underrated It is true that in some countries, companies offer a ‘siesta’ — 30-60 minutes of post-lunch nap time — for their employees. In a recent New York Times article, more and more businesses, Google among them, are seeing more productivity from their employees by offering time each day for a catnap.

Moreover, athletes (particularly those in distance running, soccer, ice hockey and many other demanding sports) are realizing that sufficient sleep each night is as important — maybe more so — as training routines.

What happens when we sleep?

  • Healing: During sleep, our bodies actually go to work repairing organs, muscle fiber and countless cells. A person’s immune system gets stronger as chemicals circulate within the blood.
  • Brain power: During a deep state of sleep, a person’s brain cells are as active as they are in the daytime. The brain also disposes of unneeded information and improves memory. In fact, tasks such as problem solving are more difficult for folks who lack REM sleep than those who don’t.
  • Less stress: While stress levels decrease significantly during sleep, stress is significantly lower in people who allot themselves ample time to sleep.
  • Less hunger: The difference between consistent and inconsistent sleep has a direct impact on hunger and weight gain.

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