Our All-Natural, Antibacterial Bedding Sheets Have Taken on New Meaning

When we conceptualized Fresh Rest® all-natural antibacterial bedding sheets, we knew we were offering a unique, quality product that would appeal to a large population. But we had no idea how valuable a purpose our sheets would serve considering the current state of our country (and the world). 

Our product can play a significant role in halting the spread of viruses, including the one currently bringing worldwide economies to their proverbial knees. 

How our all-natural antibacterial bedding sheets fight sickness

We recently blogged about how viruses and bacteria can be transmitted through fabrics and clothing among other objects and materials. In fact, we recently viewed a chart on the lasting effects bacteria has on different surfaces. 

On clothing and fabrics, bacteria can last up to 12 hours. 

Fresh Rest® all-natural antibacterial bedding sheets are not only proven to eliminate 99 percent of bacteria, but our sheets also combat viruses, common colds and other respiratory ailments behind its antimicrobial treatment, among other benefits

Ways to stay safe from viruses and illness: All-natural, antibacterial bedding sheets

By now, we’ve listened to our national health experts discuss the best ways to ward off the flu, viruses and other diseases during our waking hours:

  • Social distancing, avoiding crowds
  • Abide by shelter-in-place guidelines
  • Wash, sanitize, repeat 

One good practice has perhaps been overlooked: Sleeping on antibacterial bedding sheets which combat illnesses and bacteria the other eight hours of the day. 

A complete set of Fresh Rest® all-natural, antibacterial sheets can be purchased for less than $140, enabling folks to ward off illnesses and sleep clean. First-time customers will receive 10 percent off their order by using the code ‘FRESH10’ upon purchase. 

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