Maine-Lee Technology Group Secures U.S. Trademark for Fresh Rest® Bedding Sheets

The Maine-Lee Technology Group announced Monday it has received a U.S. trademark for its latest product, Fresh Rest® all-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets, announced Bill Kimball, Senior Vice President of Operations. 

The trademark is the second of such for the Maine-Lee Technology Group, spearheaded by renowned Portland-based neurosurgeon Dr. Lee Thibodeau. In April or 2018, Maine-Lee received its first trademark for its debut product, EZ Glider® all-natural, anti-microbial socks. 

“Receiving a U.S. trademark separates us from others in the industry,” said Kimball. “This lends increased recognition and brand credibility to Maine-Lee Technology Group.” 

The Fresh Rest® trademark protects both the brand name as well as its logo and each object and phrasing it contains: Its signature needle and thread underneath five stars and crescent moon, as well as the catch phrase, ‘Engineered for EZ Dreams.’ 

Using identical rationale as EZ Glider® socks, Fresh Rest® bedding sheets are manufactured with advanced multi-dimensional all-natural, anti-microbial fibers that ward off 99 percent of bacteria, dust mites and dander. The technology behind Fresh Rest® sheets also manages moisture, odor and sweat while maintaining a soft, silky feel for adults, children and pets. 

As a result, Fresh Rest® bedding sheets require far less washing than regular bedding, about one wash cycle every six weeks.

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About Maine-Lee Technology Group

An innovative textile company located in Wells, ME, the Maine-Lee Technology Group is perpetually designing and engineering new textile technology and is currently in development with products such as all-natural, antimicrobial socks designed for amputees and diabetics, as well as a surgical gown. 

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