Looking for the best bedding sheets? Perform these 2 tests

Being a technology company, our field is in a perpetual state of change and innovation — improvement is always the goal. Like any good tech company, we pay close attention to our industry and the competition and realize that the slightest advantage can catapult a business above the rest. 

Recently, while in a popular department store, I noticed folks in the bedding section comparing different brands of sheets. As they mulled over different brands and styles, their decision in choosing the best bedding sheets likely centered around cost — probably symbolic of 90 percent of the population —and not much else. 

There were bedding sheet sets for upwards of $200, and others in the $50 and even $20 range. 

Consumers forget we spend at least one-third of our lives in bed. Why not choose 100 percent comfort, health and durability? It is true in bedding; one gets what one pays for. Thus, below is what a consumer should look for in choosing the best bedding sheets. 

Visual: Notice the thread count

When seeking out the best bedding sheets, the look of the sheet set can reveal several signs, such as the thread count (the number of weaves per square inch). A high-quality thread count — usually 300-400 weaves per square inch — shows perfect parallel weaves nicely interwoven, going vertically and horizontally. A cheap bedding sheet set would reveal gaps and pores in the weave, which inevitably leads to small holes (eventually larger) with more use. 

Touch: Cool, silky, slight elasticity

The best bedding sheets will feel somewhat cool to the touch and offer a silky soft feel. This quality reveals a high thread count — bedding sheet sets with at least a 300-thread count will ultimately last longer. 

Additionally, consumers can get a feel for the quality of bedding by performing the ‘breath test’: If a consumer can blow through the sheet, it is not of the greatest quality, and will have a limited life. 

The best bedding sheet sets will also have a slight degree of elasticity, which enables for added comfort while moving and shifting during sleep. 

The best bedding sheets: Fresh Rest®, with all of the advantages and more

The innovative technology behind the recently trademarked (https://www.freshrestbedding.com/blogs/news/maine-lee-technology-group-secures-u-s-trademark-for-fresh-rest®-bedding-sheets) Fresh Rest® bedding sheets has raised the bar in the industry. Not only do Fresh Rest® all-natural, anti-microbial sheets possess the aforementioned qualities, but plenty more:

  • Non-leaching chemical-free bedding makes for no skin irritation.
  • All-natural, anti-microbial weave that resists odor as well as 99 percent of dust mites and dander, requiring far less washing.
  • Eco-friendly fibers that regulate body temperature and pull away moisture — no more night sweats. 

Fresh Rest® bedding sheets come in five different colors and designs (https://www.freshrestbedding.com/collections/shop-sheets/products/fresh-rest-full-sheet-set) and fit each mattress size from king to twin. 

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