How Fresh Rest® All Natural, Anti-Microbial Quality Bed Sheets Can Help Asthma

There are several effective natural remedies for asthma: low stress, fresh air, and changes in diet among them. We’ll offer one of the more underrated remedies: quality bed sheets

One of the triggers of asthma attacks is dust and dust mites, which are ever-present where humans live. They feed on dead skin, flakes and dander, and thus thrive in our bed sheets. 

They can’t be seen by the naked eye, but they’re there. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that nearly 85 percent of households have a thriving population of dust mites which contributes significantly to asthma attacks. 

For those who suffer from asthma, the less asthma triggers, the better. 

What Fresh Rest® all-natural, anti-microbial quality bed sheets do for asthma

It’s not only dust mites that contribute to asthma attacks, it is the matter they leave behind such as reproduction eggs, fecal matter and other microscopic dust particles, strewn in bed sheets and in the air. 

Behind a proprietary, multidimensional fibers within our special weave, however, Fresh Rest® all-natural, anti-microbial quality bed sheets stave off 99 percent of dust mites, particles and dander, so that asthma sufferers can breathe freely and unhindered. 

The many other benefits of Fresh Rest® all-natural, anti-microbial bedding

Fresh Rest® all-natural, anti-microbial bedding multidimensional fibers — similar to its sister brand, EZ Glider® all-natural, anti-microbial socks — have several other significant benefits such as:

  • Moisture absorbing: No more night sweats
  • Fewer wash cycles: Our quality bed sheets require far fewer wash cycles, about once every six weeks, thus preserving water and chemicals.
  • Durability: Our sheets are durable and breathable and won’t tangle to disrupt sleep. 

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