How Fresh Rest® All-Natural Anti-Bacterial Bedding Sheets Combat Bacteria

Especially as of late, we’re certainly proud of our products: The EZ Glider all-natural, anti-microbial socks, and Fresh Rest® Bedding all-natural anti-bacterial bedding sheets

Lately, we’re all looking for ways to stop the spread of viruses, germs, and diseases. Advice on best practices is coming from all directions:

  • Allow six feet of distance from others
  • Wash your hands
  • Use hand sanitizer (if you can find any)
  • Avoid people who are ill
  • Elbow cough 

One best practice not widely known (we’re working on that) is to sleep on quality anti-bacterial bedding sheets. With our multi-dimensional fibers, Fresh Rest® bed sheets eliminate 99 percent of not only bacteria but also dust mites and dander from human skin. 

Fresh Rest® sheets enable for a cleaner, safer and fresher night’s sleep. 

Bacteria is everywhere — even on clothing and fabrics 

We watched a recent news item discussing different ways viruses and bacteria can be transmitted . An expert doctor spoke of how it is possible that viruses can be spread through fabrics such as clothing and other garments — including bedding sheets. 

To combat such spreading, the common route is to simply wash and dry whatever bedding may be affected. With Fresh Rest® all-natural, anti-bacterial bedding sheets, however, such practices aren’t necessary, since our sheets ward off over 99 percent of bacteria, and thus combat the spread of viruses (not to mention saving a wash and dry cycle). 

The benefits of Fresh Rest® anti-bacterial bedding sheets don’t stop there 

Along with halting the spread of bacteria and viruses, Fresh Rest® anti-microbial bedding sheets have many benefits:

  • Absorb moisture, thus preventing dampness from night sweats
  • Eliminate odors, thus require less washing — about once every six weeks
  • Breathable, thermoregulates for optimal comfort
  • All-natural anti-bacterial feature from Chitosan – from Lobster shells.
  • No leaching into the skin.
  • Ideal for seniors, adults, children — and pets 

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