4 Reasons Fresh Rest Bedding Offers the Best Bed Sheet Sets in the Market

Recently we came across an article in the January 2020 edition of Good Housekeeping about the best bed sheet sets and the qualities that make them what they are. Being a relatively new entry in the bedding market — we just received our trademark in early February — we wanted to see how we measured against our competitors. 

Let’s just say the comparison didn’t disappoint. Because of our eco-friendly, anti-microbial multi-fiber technology, we feel we’re right with those brands on Good Housekeeping’s list of the top 11. We’ll even go as far to say Fresh Rest Bedding has many of them beat in certain areas. 

We were curious what the criteria Good Housekeeping used to compile its list, and we couldn’t agree with it more: 

  • Material quality: The top brands listed in the Good Housekeeping rankings had combined material, such as 100 percent cotton, pima cotton, as well as a combined cotton-polyester, sateen, flannel and jersey.
  • Wrinkle resistance: While cotton was the most popular fabric, it is also most prone to wrinkling.
  • Thread count: The best bedding sheets typically have between 300 and 500 fibers per weave.
  • Durability: Lasting power of the bedding sheets.
  • Breathability: The need to have a degree of ‘give,’ or ability to stretch slightly to allow the sleeper to maintain comfort despite moving and shifting during sleep. 

One thing we noticed…

While each of these brands were receiving rave reviews, we couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme in several of them: ‘Doesn’t shrink much after washing.’ When bedding sheets shrink, they are more prone to tearing, particularly at the corners. Our all-natural, anti-microbial bedding sheets, made up of an advanced micro fabric, do not shrink — one of several ways our product surpasses those in  Good Housekeeping’s top 11 best bed sheet sets

4 ways Fresh Rest Bedding surpasses our competition

Each of the brands listed by Good Housekeeping showcase terrific benefits such as durability, moisture wicking, pill resistance — all very important when selecting bedding sheets. Here’s what we didn’t find among the brands on Good Housekeeping’s list, that Fresh Rest Bedding proudly showcases: 

  • All-natural, anti-microbial: Fresh Rest Bedding sheets are made up of all-natural, anti-microbial multi-dimensional fibers with no chemicals, heavy metals or leaching chemicals. 
  • No dust mites, dander, bacteria: One of the benefits of our multi-dimensional fibers with with all-natural, anti-microbial treatment is that they eliminate 99 percent of bacteria, dust mites and dander, which are often common in many of the best bedding sheet sets cited in Good Housekeeping. 
  • Less washing: Perhaps it’s best feature, Fresh Rest Bedding sheets remain clean and require far less washing than other sheets — about one wash cycle every six weeks. This leads to less water, less detergent and less chemicals. Our sheets are landfill friendly. 
  • Cost: While the average cost of the bedding sheets named in the Good Housekeeping article was $164.79 (some as high as $365.00), the cost for a Fresh Rest Bedding damask king set is under $140.00. Coupling cost with the aforementioned benefits, we think eco-friendly Fresh Rest Bedding ranks among the best bed sheet sets available. 

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