Our All-Natural, Antibacterial Bedding Sheets Have Taken on New Meaning

We had no idea how valuable the concept behind Fresh Rest all-natural antibacterial bedding sheets would be considering the current climate.



How Fresh Rest® All-Natural Anti-Bacterial Bedding Sheets Combat Bacteria
Particularly as of late, we’re proud of our products, especially the Fresh Rest® all-natural anti-bacterial bedding sheets.
How Fresh Rest® All Natural, Anti-Microbial Quality Bed Sheets Can Help Asthma

There are several effective, natural remedies for asthma: low stress, fresh air, changes in diet — and quality bed sheets.



4 Reasons Fresh Rest Bedding Offers the Best Bed Sheet Sets in the Market
Recently we came across an article in the January 2020 edition of Good Housekeeping about the best bed sheet sets and the qualities that make them what they are. Being a relatively new entry in the bedding market — we...
Looking for the best bedding sheets? Perform these 2 tests
Being a technology company, our field is in a perpetual state of change and innovation — improvement is always the goal. Like any good tech company, we pay close attention to our industry and the competition and realize that the...
Maine-Lee Technology Group Secures U.S. Trademark for Fresh Rest® Bedding Sheets
The Maine-Lee Technology Group announced Monday it has received a U.S. trademark for its latest product, Fresh Rest® all-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets, announced Bill Kimball, Senior Vice President of Operations.  The trademark is the second of such for the Maine-Lee...
The key to a good night’s sleep? All-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets

The key to a good night’s sleep involves many components, more or less of equal value. Our answer is all-natural anti-microbial bedding sheets.